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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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WIRKSWORTH-Parish Registers 1608-1837

----PARISH DATA not in the PRs-----

People have sent me e-mails giving data that they think belongs to Wirksworth Parish, but they can't find in the Parish Registers. Their e-mails will be listed here (only with their permission of course), in the hope that the data may help someone else. If you have something to add, please send it to

Greetings, In studying the wills of some of my ancestors, I've come across the following information relating to individuals not found in the Wirksworth Parish records. My hope is that this may help researchers who have come to a brick wall in their searches. 22 Apr 1688 Will of Richard Wheatcroft, husband of Hellena (?), parents of 1) Hannah Wheatcroft, born abt. 1648 2) Mary Wheatcroft, born abt. 1659, wife of Timothy Cadman, parents of Elizabeth Cadman, born abt. 1684 3) Alice Wheatcroft, wife of William Houghton, parents of Joshua Houghton, born abt. 1670 Thomas Houghton, born abt. 1680 William Houghton, born 17 May 1682, but listed as Holton in the records Henry Houghton, born abt. 1684 4) son William Wheatcroft, husb. of Mary Ragg, parents of Elizabeth Wheatcroft, born abt. 1670, married William Norman 1692 10 Feb 1754 Will of Samuel Wheatcroft, husb. of Mary Spencer, parents of 1) Mary Wheatcroft, born 1716, married Ebenezer (?) Frost, date unk. Samuel Wheatcroft (above), husb. of Catherine Molinus, parents of 2) Sarah Wheatcroft, born abt. 1740 (?) 3) Catherine Wheatcroft, born 1751, married Mr. Leedham, date unk. Happy hunting! Kathryn Farrell kfarrell@massed.net http://www.genweb.net/~wirksworth
Dear John, Would you please add the following: The 1697 Will of Richard Roose, husband of Mary Worslow, parents of Sarah Roose, born abt. 1670, married William Bamford 27 Nov 1689 Thanks again, Kathryn Farrell kfarrell@massed.net http://www.genweb.net/~wirksworth
Dear John, In the will of Edward WHEATCROFT who died 06 Jan 1669/70 he mentions his wife Elizabeth and a daughter Mary not found in the parish registers. Best regards, Kathryn Farrell kfarrell@massed.net http://www.genweb.net/~wirksworth

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