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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Bastards in date order

Here's a list of all the BASTARDS, indexed by Date. "Spurius" and "Illegitimate" mean the same thing. The term used varied with the outlook of the churchwarden, sometimes he just omitted the father's name and left readers to draw their own conclusions.
Kathryn Farrell writes:
"Dear John,

......The other thing I wanted to tell you about was a book I'm reading

Surnames and Genealogy:  A New Approach
by George Redmonds
pub:  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston 1997

Although most of the examples come from Yorkshire records, the author
states that a lot of the patterns apply to other English speaking regions.

In his dealing with the condition of illegitimacy, he shows that
where the records listed the names of both parents, subsequent events
regarding the child sometimes called him by his father's last name,
other times by his mother's.  He suspects that this situation also
occurred when only one parent was listed, so that the genealogist
would never recognize the entry in the other parent's surname".

EXTRACTS from--------PALMER'S computerised INDEX to-----------------
         Parish Registers of WIRKSWORTH, Derbyshire, England
            Christenings, Marriages and Burials 1608-1837
                         (70,524 records)
Transcribed by John Palmer, Dorset UK. Email: palmer.john@lds.co.uk
Computer SEARCH done 1 Aug 98
B 1629 jan 24 SMELLY Mary dau John/Joone [Spuria, John FOORNE]
C 1629 mar 13 MATHER Rychard son William/Lucey [Spurius, William STREETE]
C 1629 apr 16 KAYE John son William/Mary [Spurius, William SPERLE]
C 1629 jun 07 BRUNTE Mary dau John/Cathearn [Spurius, John BERY]
C 1629 nov 24 GILBEART Frances dau Henry/Amey [Spurius, Henry STORER]
C 1630 jan 03 FRENCH James son John/Ellen [Spurius, John WYTTLIS]
C 1630 sep 19 ROSILL John son John/Elizabeth [Spurius, John HARDWARE]
C 1631 may 29 WIGLY Mary dau Houmfrey/Dorothie [Spurius, Houmfrey SYLKSTON]
C 1631 jun 05 TAG John son George/Mary [Spurius, George SONDER]
B 1631 jun 21 BROUNT Mary dau -/Catherine [Spurius]
B 1631 jly 27 TAG John son George/Mary [Spurius, George SONDER]
C 1632 dec 10 WITTWALL Kestor son Richard/Millisent [Spurius, Milisent HIGGET]
B 1632 dec 16 WITWALL Lestor son Richard/Milissent [Spurius, Milissent HIGGET]
B 1633 jan 04 ALLSOP An dau George/Elizabeth [Spurius, Elizabth HARISON]
B 1633 jan 21 HAVEROCK Francis son Henry/Amee [Spurius, Amee GILBEART]
C 1633 may 05 STORER Agnis dau Henry/Amee [Spurius, Amee GILBEART]
C 1633 may 19 HARGRAVE John son George/Jane [Spurius, Jane COWPOR]
C 1633 oct 28 GREATRICKES Em dau John/Mary [Spurius, Mary SAWNDERES]
C 1634 jan 30 WOODDIS John son John/Joone [Spurius, Joone MORT]
C 1634 feb 02 CADMAN Mary dau -/Joone [Spurius, Elin ALLSOP]
C 1634 jun 30 VALLENCE Henry son -/Alce [Spurius=illegitimate]
C 1634 jun 30 VALLENCE Henry son -/Alce [Spurius=illegitimate]
C 1634 sep 25 SHEARLE Ann dau William/Lucy [Spurius, Lucy MATHOR]
C 1634 oct 05 COETES Thomas son -/Elizabeth [Spurius]
C 1635 nov 11 FERNE Edward son John/Ann [Spurius, Ann GELL]
B 1636 jan 19 WIGLEY Mary dau -/Dawrothy [Spurius]
C 1636 jan 23 CADMAN Elizabeth dau John/Elin [Spurius, Elin ALLSOP]
B 1636 feb 18 FONE Edward son John/Ann [Spurius, Ann GELL]
B 1636 mar 02 WOODDIS John son John/Joone [Spurius, Joone MORT]
B 1636 mar 04 HARGRAVE Elizabeth dau Thomas/Ann [Spurius, Ann MORT]
C 1636 apr 03 CARRINGTON Henry son -/Izabell [Spurius]
B 1637 apr 24 SKATERGOODE Infant son John/Ann [Spurius, Ann WILLSHALL]
B 1637 jun 01 CADMAN Elizabeth dau John/Elin [Spurius, Elin ALLSOP]
B 1637 nov 04 TOPLES Mary dau John/Elin [Spurius, Elin BRUNT]
C 1638 feb 14 HEALD John son Thomas/Ann [Spurius, Ann HOADES]
B 1638 feb 16 HEALLD John son Thomas/Ann [Spurius, Ann HOADES]
B 1638 jun 01 CORNELL Henry son Edward/Elin [Spurius, Elin MATHER]
C 1638 jun 09 FLESHAR Ann dau William/Emot [Spurius, Emot WIGGLY]
C 1638 sep 15 PIDKOCK Gartrud dau Anthony/Margery [Spurius, Margery HANCOKE]
C 1639 mar 17 MORTON John son Lawrence/Sisley [Spurius, Sisley BARAT]
C 1639 mar 17 WINFEALD Georgh son Thomas/Izabell [Spurius, Izabell FOXE]
B 1639 mar 19 PIDKOCK Gartrud dau Anthony/Margreat [Spurius, Margreat HANKOCK]
C 1639 mar 28 BONNSHAW Elin dau Thomas/Elizabeth [Spurius, Elizabeth BOOTE]
C 1639 apr 10 WOODDIS John son George/Suzan [Spurius,  Suzan AMOT]
B 1639 jly 11 REDFEARNE Judeth dau Thomas/Thomasing [Spurius]
C 1639 oct 02 WILD Ann dau Anthony/Ann [Spurius, Ann ALLSOP]
B 1639 dec 09 ARNEFEELD John son Thomas/Isabell [Spurius, Isabell FOX]
B 1640 feb 19 WOOD Mary dau William/Ann [Spurius, Ann WOOD]
B 1640 feb 21 WILLD Ann dau Anthony/Ann [Spurius, Ann ALLSOP]
C 1640 apr 11 PARKES Thomas son Thomas/Lucey [Spurius, Lucey MATHOR]
B 1640 apr 13 PARKIS Thomas son Thomas/Luce [Spurius, Luce MATHOR]
B 1640 apr 13 WILLIS Infant of Thomas/Mary [Spurius, Mary SMEDLY]
B 1641 feb 08 SPENSUR Raph son -/Suzana [Spurius]
C 1641 mar 13 WIGGLY John son Raph/Mary [Spurius, Mary WOODDIS]
C 1641 mar 30 SPENSUR Agnis dau -/Ann [Spurius]
B 1641 may 17 BARTON John son -/Izobell [Spurius]
B 1641 oct 30 HANCOKE Katherine [Spurius]
C 1641 dec 19 WOODDIS Joone dau Anthony/Margreat [Spurius, Margreat COATES]
C 1642 jun 13 STATHOM Thomas son Godfrey/Elizabeth [Spurius, Elizabeth SHESLEY]
C 1643 jan 19 WIGGLY Mary dau William/Ann [Spurius, Ann GREATRICKES]
C 1643 may 06 JACKSON Mary dau Jervis/Alce [Spurius, Alce SHELDON]
C 1644 jan 10 HEWARDD Ann dau Robeart/Elin [Spurius, Elin HARDEY]
B 1644 jly 09 VALLENCE Infant son -/Elin [Spurius]
C 1644 jly 31 CRESWELL Hugge son John/Mary [Spurius, Mary MATHOR]
C 1646 jan 10 FEARNE Margery dau - [Spurius, widow FEARNE]
C 1646 jun 30 AMOT Thomas son Thomas/Suzana [Spurius, Thom GREENHOUGH]
C 1648 jan 02 NEALE Gartrick dau Thomas/Agnys [Spurius, Agnys WILLD]
C 1648 feb 14 JONSON Ann dau Richard/Katharne [Spurius, Katharne KENT]
C 1656 may 18 BUNTING Edward son -/Elizabeth ["a bastard"]
B 1659 nov 16 BRADSHAW John son Francis/Ann [Bastard of Ann FOG]
C 1661 jan 29 GELL Thomas son William/Francis [Spurius, Willm.PHILLIPES]
C 1663 jly 26 FOXLEY William son - (Wirksworth) [Bastard of widow FOXLEY]
C 1663 aug 09 CRITCHLOE William son -/Anne (Wirksworth) [Bastard of Anne CRITCHLOW]
C 1663 nov 06 STADON Elizabeth dau Robert/Mary (Hopton) [Bastard of Mary STEEPLE]
C 1665 apr 19 JACKSON Anne dau Thomas (Aulton) [Bastard]
C 1665 oct 24 POTTER Luke son John/Ellin (Alderwasley) [Bastard of Ellin SORESBY]
C 1666 feb 28 COCKIN John son -/Anne (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1667 feb 09 BANES John son John/Margret (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1667 mar 27 MARCHINTON Martha dau John/Millicent (-) [Bastard, Millic.BROCKLACE]
C 1668 may 07 BLACKBURN Richard son Robert/Millicent (-) [Bastard, Millic.WINGFIELD]
C 1668 aug 26 VINSOM Margaret dau William/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard, Mary SOUCH]
B 1677 jun 30 BEIGHTON John son -/Dorothy (Wirkesworth) [Bastard, Dorothy BEIGHTON]
C 1688 mar 21 PICKERIN Ann dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1688 apr 01 STONE Mary dau -/Mary (Longnabank) [Bastard, Mary STONE]
C 1688 apr 20 BARNES Isabella dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard, Elizabeth BARNES]
C 1688 jun 17 CLAY Sarah dau -/Alice (Wirksworth) [Bastard, Alice CLAY]
C 1691 nov 04 SEEDS Samuel son (Wirksworth) [Bastard~neither parent named]
C 1692 dec 04 HOUGH Henry son -/Ann (Longnabank) [Bastard, Ann HOUGH]
C 1693 mar 01 REDFERNE George son -/Rosamund (Callow) [Bastard, Rosamund REDFERNE]
C 1693 may 28 BARNS Sarah dau -/Elizabeth (Worksworth) [Bastard]
C 1693 nov 22 CROFTS William son George/Millecent (-) [Bastard,~Millicent BUNTING]
C 1694 feb 14 COLLINSON Samuel son Samuel/Jane (-) [Bastard, Janet WHEATCROFT]
C 1694 feb 23 HACKET Valentine son Nicholas/Elizabeth (-) [Bastard, Elizabeth BLACKTON]
C 1695 mar 15 SOUTH Samuel son -/Elizabeth (Brayfield) [Bastard, Elizabeth SOUTH]
B 1695 may 08 - Samuel son -/Elizabeth (Brayfield) [Bastard of Elizabeth]
C 1695 oct 09 TURNER Mary dau Anthony/Francis (-) [Bastard, Francis FROST]
B 1695 nov 25 ALLEN Ann dau -/Ann (Worksworth) [Bastard,of Ann ALLEN]
C 1697 apr 21 ALLEN Ann dau -/Ann (Worksworth) [Bastard, Anna ALLEN]
C 1697 aug 01 ALLEN William son John (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
C 1697 oct 31 AMOT John son -/Elizabeth (Alderwasley) [Bastard, Elizabeth AMOTT]
C 1697 dec 19 GODBEHERE Jonathan son -/Anna (Cromford) [Bastard, Anna GODBEHERE]
C 1699 jan 11 POTTER Mary dau Ferdinand/Ellene (-) [Bastard, Ellene NORMAN]
C 1699 feb 15 HARDY William son John/Hellena (Wirkesworth) [Bastard, Hellena NEWTON]
C 1699 may 05 EYRE Margret dau William/Elizabeth (-) [Bastard, Elizabeth RAGG]
C 1699 nov 01 SAUNDERS William son -/Mary (Brayfield) [Bastard]
C 1701 feb 16 LIVESLEY Hannah dau -/Elizabeth (Wirkesworth) [Bastard]
C 1701 apr 25 JACKSON Anthony son Thomas/Amy (Hognaston) [Bastard, Amy GREATERIX wirk.]
C 1701 oct 05 CARLES James son Thomas/Hellena [Spurius, Hellena SHORE]
B 1702 jun 20 GREATORIX Anthony son Amicia (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1702 jly 01 BRIGHTMOORE Anthony son Anthony/Mary (Wirksworth) [Spurius, Mary SORESBY]
C 1702 nov 20 SHEPHARD Dorothea dau -/Elizabeth (Hopton) [Illegitimate]
C 1703 feb 19 WILD William son William/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Spurius, Elizabeth SUMERS]
B 1703 feb 24 MORLEY John son John (Brelsford) [Spurius]
B 1703 nov 10 SORSBY Anthony son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1703 nov 19 CRICHLOW Mary dau -/Anne (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1704 jan 21 SORESBY William son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1704 feb 04 WILD Ann dau -/Hanna (Ashlehay) [Spurius]
C 1704 jun 28 FLETCHER Martha dau -/Mary (Alderwaslee) [Spurius]
C 1704 jly 05 PEARSON Sarah dau -/Elizabeth (Alderwaslee) [Spurius]
C 1704 sep 10 BRADSHAW Jane dau -/Rebecca (Embrook Grange) [Spurius]
B 1705 sep 24 PEARSON Sarah dau -/Elizabeth (Alderwaslee) [Spurius]
C 1705 nov 09 BELL Elizabeth dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1706 jan 01 HARTLE William son -/Mary [Spurius]
C 1706 may 29 WOOD Elizabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1706 jun 27 DUD William son -/Martha (Iderichay) [Spurius]
C 1707 jan 01 WEBSTER Mary dau -/Grace (Ideridghay) [Spurius]
C 1707 jan 29 CLOUGH Ann dau -/Edeth (Middleton) [Spurius]
B 1707 jun 11 ANNABLE Joseph son -/Mary (Crumford) [Spurius]
C 1708 feb 04 SAUNDERS Grace dau -/Rebeckah (Middleton) [Spurius]
B 1708 may 02 VALLANCE Robert son -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1708 oct 20 HOLEBROOK Joseph son -/Jane ["joseph!", spurius]
B 1709 feb 12 SAUNDERS Grace dau -/Rebecah (Middleton) [Spurius]
C 1710 aug 25 BEARDSLY Lydia dau -/Elizabeth (Ashlehay) ["illegitima proles"]
C 1711 jan 19 JACKSON Alice dau -/Katherin (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
B 1711 apr 04 SIMSON Ann dau -/Mary (Itheridgehay) [Illegitimate]
C 1711 jun 01 EDGES Elisha son -/Mary [Spurius]
C 1711 jun 20 LEE Thomas son -/Ann (Wirkesworth) [Spurius]
B 1711 jun 27 EDGES Elisha son -/Mary (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1711 nov 21 WIGLEY John son -/Mary (Alderwaslee) [Spurius]
C 1712 jun 18 BRELSFORD Ann dau -/Mary (Callow) [Spurius]
C 1713 apr 22 PIERCESON Mary dau -/Ann (Alderwaslee) [Spurius]
C 1713 sep 25 CLOUGH William son -/Ann (Wirkesworth) [Spurius]
C 1714 jan 20 GOODWIN John son -/Rebeccha (Wirkesworth) [Spurius]
C 1714 jan 27 BEARDSLEY Thomas son -/Elizabeth (Ashlehay) [Spurius]
C 1714 may 19 WALKELEY Peter son -/Hannah (Wirkesworth) [Spurius]
C 1714 aug 27 POTTER William son -/Grace (Wirkesworth) [Spurius]
B 1714 oct 27 ANNABLE John son -/Mary (Cromford) [Spurius]
C 1714 dec 03 HEATHCOAT James son -/Sarah (Wirkesworth) [Spurius]
C 1717 feb 06 HANSON Ruth dau -/Sarah [Illegitimate]
C 1717 feb 27 NORTH Elizabeth dau -/Ann (Wirkesworth) [Spurius]
C 1717 mar 15 DEDDICK David son -/Mary [Spurius]
C 1717 apr 19 FROST Samuel son -/Margeret (Callow) [Spurius]
C 1718 may 21 GAMBLE William son James (Ideridgehay) [Spurius]
B 1718 may 27 GAMBLE William son -/Alice (Ideridghay) [Spurius]
B 1719 mar 16 GARRETT Mary dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
B 1719 jun 21 HIGGET William son William/Ann [Spurius, Ann TITTERTON]
C 1719 jun 24 COOK Thomas son -/Ellena (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1720 feb 26 ANNABLE Thomas son -/Ellenora (Cromford) [Spurius]
C 1720 mar 30 BUNTING Sarah dau Anthony (Cromford) [Spurius, and  HOLMES]
C 1720 may 06 WALLCLEY Elisabeth dau William/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Spurius, William KIRKBY]
C 1720 sep 21 FROST George son Thomas/Millecent [Spurius, Millecent WILLYMOT]
C 1720 dec 14 SPENCER Lydia dau Joab/Silence (Middleton) [Spurius, Silence SPENCER]
C 1721 mar 08 CADMAN John son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1721 jun 21 JACKSON Gervas son -/Catherine (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1721 jly 05 SLACK Thomas son -/Isabell (Middleton) [Spurius]
C 1721 nov 08 BRUSELL John son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1722 feb 14 TOMLINSON George son -/Grace (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1722 apr 29 ARWIN Mary dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1722 sep 16 COOPER Hannah dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1722 nov 14 HALLAM John son -/Ellen (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1722 nov 23 POTTER Mildred dau -/Hannah (Alderwaslee) [Illegitimate]
C 1722 nov 23 SCATTERGOOD Grace dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1722 dec 19 ELSE Susannah dau -/Mary (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1723 feb 15 WITIKER Thomas son -/Grace (Itheridgehay) [Illegitimate]
C 1723 may 23 SIMPSON William son John/Grace [Illegitimate, John THACKER]
C 1723 oct 13 WILSON William son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Spurius]
C 1724 jan 22 JOWETT John son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1724 feb 12 GIBBONS Elisabeth dau -/Ellen (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1724 feb 20 LEES Dorothy dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1724 mar 20 MATHER Sarah dau -/Ellena (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1724 sep 18 ASHMORE Elisabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1725 apr 23 HALL Jabes son -/Mary (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1725 may 21 FLETCHER Alice dau -/Elisabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1725 nov 10 WALLELOCK Joseph son -/Hanna (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1726 feb 18 WRAG Hannah dau -/Ann (Cromford) [Illigitimate]
C 1726 mar 09 WHEATCROFT Sarah dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illigitimate]
C 1726 mar 30 JOWET Robert son -/Hanna (Wirksworth) [Illigitimate]
C 1726 jun 15 TIMPERLY Barnabus son -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1726 sep 29 FLETCHER Martha dau -/Ellena (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1726 dec 04 HADCOCK Ann dau -/Jane (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1727 feb 02 HILL Anthony son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1727 aug 18 DOXEY Samuel son -/Sara (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1727 sep 22 COOK Sarah dau -/Ales (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1727 nov 08 BECK Sarah dau -/Millesent [Illegitimate]
C 1728 jan 14 ASHMORE John son/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1729 jan 17 ROWLAND William son -/Mary [Illeg, traveller]
C 1729 may 23 HILL James son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1729 jly 09 SEEDS Mary dau -/Elisabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1729 oct 29 BURROWS Ann dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1729 dec 05 TAYLOR Hanna dau -/Grace (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1730 jan 08 BURROUGHS Hanna dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1730 jan 23 SPENCER John son -/Mary (Ashlehay) [Illegitimate]
C 1730 apr 01 ASHMORE William son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1730 may 06 BROSOP? Thomas son -/Martha (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1730 may 10 BINGHAM Samuel son -/Sara [Illegitimate]
C 1730 may 15 BARBERRY John son -/Susanna (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1730 jly 15 HOADES William son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1730 sep 16 BATTELY Elizabeth dau Laurence/Mary (Middleton) [Illeg,& Mary MATHER]
C 1731 apr 07 BENNET Anthony son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1731 apr 30 FLINT Hannah dau -/Hanna (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1731 jun 20 BECK George son -/Millisent (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1731 jun 20 BECK Thomas son -/Millisent (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1732 apr 28 GREGORY Samuel son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1732 aug 16 ASHMORE Joseph son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1732 dec 01 HILL Thomas son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1732 dec 31 MARSON Susanna dau -/Ann (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
C 1733 may 16 BANKS Casia dau -/Sarah (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1733 jun 13 WATTS Lydia dau -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1733 jun 15 ROPER Henry son -/Rebecca (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1733 aug 15 BRUCKSHALL John son -/Rebecca (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1733 dec 12 BROWN Martha dau -/Martha (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1734 feb 13 ASHMORE Benjamin son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1734 jly 21 NORTH Elina dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1735 jan 08 ASHTON Robert son -/Jane (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1735 aug 08 ROOSE Matthew son -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1736 jan 28 KIDDEY Joseph son -/Ellen (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1736 may 21 ASHMORE Elizabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1736 jun 04 ROPER Ann dau -/Lydia (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1736 jun 06 BOTT Phoebe dau -/Elizabeth (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
C 1737 feb 25 DRAKE Dorothy dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1737 mar 23 BOOTT Ann dau -/Ann (Callow) [Illegitimate]
C 1737 apr 03 BRUCKSHAW William son -/Rebecca (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1737 apr 17 CROOKS Sarah dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1737 aug 03 ROPER John son -/Sarah (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1737 aug 03 ROPER Joseph son -/Sarah (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1738 jan 08 MARSON William son -/Ann (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
C 1738 jan 20 KIDDY Morrice son -/Ellen (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1738 mar 30 BROUGH Elizabeth dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1738 apr 28 CLEATOR Ann dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1738 jun 02 HILL George son -/Alice (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1738 jun 04 HODGKINSON Peter son -/Ruth (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1738 jun 21 POAT Marina dau -/Sarah (Ashlehay) [Illegitimate]
C 1739 jan 21 NORTH Mary dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1739 feb 16 BOOTH Alice dau -/Ann (Callow) [Illegitimate]
C 1739 oct 10 BOWLER Henry son -/Martha (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1739 nov 23 HAWLEY Henry son -/Emet (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1739 dec 07 SUMMERS Anna-Maria dau -/Rebecca (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1740 jan 04 PELLINGTON Alexis son -/Hestor (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1740 jan 11 ROPER Ann dau -/Sarah (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1740 mar 30 WYLDE Joseph son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illigitimate]
C 1740 apr 02 GREGORY Sarah dau -/Ellen (Wirksworth) [Illigitimate]
C 1740 jly 16 ROPER Anthony son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illeg, alias TOMLINSON]
C 1741 feb 06 SCATTERGOOD May dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1741 mar 11 TOMPSON Sarah dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1741 apr 03 WORSLEY Mary dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1741 apr 24 WRIGHT Joseph son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1741 oct 07 CROFTS Lucy dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illigitimate]
C 1742 jan 01 TIMPERLEY David son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1742 nov 24 BOOT George son -/Ann (Callow) [Illegitimate]
C 1743 feb 28 TOMPSON Joseph son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1743 jun 01 ROGER Thomas son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1743 jun 15 HADFIELD Joseph son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1743 jly 01 LICHFIELD William son -/Hannah (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
C 1744 oct 31 ROPER William son -/Sarah (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1744 nov 02 HANSON Marina dau -/Mary (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
B 1745 jun 02 ROPER John son -/Sarah [Bastard]
C 1745 dec 28 ELLIS Temperence dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1746 feb 19 REYNOLDS Thomas son -/Elizabeth (-) [Bastard]
C 1746 nov 16 SPENCER Hannah dau -/Lydia (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1746 dec 26 SHELDON Mary dau -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1747 jly 12 LIM James son -/Ann (-) [Bastard]
C 1748 feb 05 PETTIGREW Orphana dau -/Hannah (-) [Bastard]
C 1748 mar 02 EVANS Henry son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1748 jun 01 CHETHAM Isabel dau -/Elizabeth (-) [Bastard]
C 1748 jun 08 MOSTIN Rebecca dau -/Sarah (-) [Bastard]
C 1748 jun 23 COLLEDGE Mary dau -/Mary (-) [Bastard]
C 1748 jly 08 ROWE Samuel son -/Ann (-) [Bastard]
C 1748 jly 13 HOLEBROOKE William son -/Alice (-) [Bastard]
B 1748 aug 27 SHELDON Mary dau -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1748 sep 14 GODBEHERE Lydia dau -/Elizabeth (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1748 sep 21 MOORE William son -/Alice (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1748 oct 30 SPENCER Orphana dau -/Hannah [Bastard]
B 1748 nov 26 MOOR William son -/Alice (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1748 dec 04 LICHFIELD Joseph son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1749 jan 01 GOODWIN Thomas son -/Alice (Ashlehay) [Bastard]
C 1750 feb 15 WOODHOUSE Mary dau -/Ruth [Bastard]
C 1750 sep 14 NORTH Thomas son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1750 dec 02 POTTS James son -/Dinah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1750 dec 14 WIGLEY George son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1751 apr 10 BONSAL Hannah dau -/Catherine (-) [Bastard]
C 1751 jun 12 PYSER Ishmael son -/Alice (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1751 oct 22 GOODWIN Dorothy dau -/Dorothy [Bastard]
B 1752 jun 04 SMITH Mary dau -/Mary (Longwaybank) [Bastard]
C 1752 jly 03 BURTON Job son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1752 nov 22 COTTERIL Charles son -/Jane (Cromford) [Bastard]
B 1753 jan 11 HARDING Thomas son -/Mary [Bastard]
C 1753 mar 30 YEOMANS Thomas son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1753 apr 06 GOODWIN Alice dau -/Sarah (-) [Bastard]
C 1753 may 16 WALL Sarah dau -/Ann (-) [Bastard]
C 1753 may 27 HOLEBROOKE Ellin dau -/Hannah (-) [Bastard]
B 1753 jly 22 FLETCHER John son -/Elizabeth [Bastard]
C 1754 mar 08 BESSICK Ann dau -/Ann [Bastard]
C 1754 jly 24 GRIFFIN Martha dau -/Ann [Bastard]
C 1754 aug 02 BONSAL John son -/Catharine (Longwaybank) [Bastard]
C 1755 jun 20 FOUCK Mary dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1755 nov 15 SWAN Hannah dau -/Ellin [Bastard]
C 1756 mar 19 CARRIER Rigby son -/Keturah [Bastard]
B 1756 apr 24 HOLEBROOKE Samuel son -/Hannah (Ashlehay) [Bastard]
C 1756 apr 28 WIGLEY Jane dau -/Joyce (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1756 jun 09 BRITLAND Silence dau -/Elizabeth [Bastard]
C 1756 sep 15 BUTLER Susanna dau -/Ann [Bastard]
B 1756 nov 12 GREAVES Charles son -/Mary (Wigwall) [Bastard]
B 1757 jan 05 CARRIER Rigby son -/Keturah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1757 feb 16 PYSER Thomas son -/Ellin (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1757 feb 25 TAYLOR Hannah dau -/Mary (Longwaybank) [Bastard]
C 1757 mar 18 WOOLEY Thomas son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1757 apr 13 SPENCER Robert son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1757 jun 22 YATES Susanna dau -/Ann (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1757 jly 13 BAINBRIDGE Lydia dau -/Sarah [Bastard]
C 1758 may 05 WRAGG Susanna dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1758 nov 22 ASHTON William son -/Margaret [Bastard]
C 1759 jan 10 GOODWIN John son -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1759 jan 10 SIMPSON John son -/Ann (Millhouses) [Bastard]
C 1759 jan 31 SIMPSON Joseph son -/Sarah (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1759 feb 18 PRIME Lydia dau -/Lydia [Bastard]
C 1759 mar 07 WOODROUGH Job son -/Elizabeth [Bastard]
C 1759 mar 21 SMITH Hannah dau -/Mary [Bastard]
C 1759 jun 29 FLINT Elizabeth dau -/Dorothy [Bastard]
C 1759 sep 21 BAGSHAW Anna Maria dau -/Ann [Bastard]
C 1759 oct 24 FISHER Joseph son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1759 nov 29 ELLIS John son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1760 sep 17 RED John son -/Bathiah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1761 apr 01 BROUGH Samuel son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1761 apr 08 GELL William son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1761 jun 03 JOHNSON John son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard,REDFORD]
C 1761 jly 01 SUMMERS George son -/Abigal (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1761 jly 17 KIRKLAND David son -/Sarah (Longwaybank) [Bastard]
C 1762 jan 10 BONSAL George son -/Catherine [Bastard]
C 1762 jan 13 SUMMERFIELD James son -/Mary [Bastard]
C 1762 feb 19 ALLIN Mary dau -/Susanna (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1762 apr 14 SPENCER Hannah dau -/Sarah (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1762 apr 28 SIDDON Mary dau -/Sarah (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
C 1762 may 19 TAYLOR Hannah dau -/Mary (Bigin) [Bastard]
C 1762 jun 02 SIMS Elisabeth dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1762 jun 11 MOUNTAIN Ann dau -/Bethiah (Ideridghay) [Bastard]
C 1762 jly 07 HOLEBROOKE Jabus son -/Isabel (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1762 jly 14 HOLEBROOKE Joseph son -/Ruth (Duffield) [Bastard]
C 1762 sep 15 SPENCER Hannah dau -/Dorothy [Bastard]
C 1762 sep 17 BAMFORD William son -/Sarah [Bastard]
C 1762 sep 17 SWAN Catharine dau -/Ann [Bastard]
C 1762 sep 29 COTTREL Simeon son -/Phoebe (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1762 oct 29 FOX John son -/Elisabeth (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
C 1762 nov 26 SWIFT Henrietta dau -/Keziah [Bastard]
C 1762 dec 01 BRITTLEBANK Thomas son -/Mary [Bastard]
C 1763 jan 05 HOUGHTON Mary dau -/Elisabeth [Bastard]
C 1763 jan 20 MATHER John son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1763 feb 05 BRITTLEBANK Thomas son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1763 feb 23 ARWIN Hannah dau -/Mary (Ashlehay) [Bastard]
C 1763 mar 02 COTTEREL Joseph son -/Lydia (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1763 mar 04 WALL Mary dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1763 mar 17 BAMFORD William son -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1763 apr 06 HOUGH Jervis son -/Elisabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1763 apr 13 HALL George son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1763 apr 20 HALL George son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1763 may 24 HODGKINSON Sarah dau -/Martha (Cromford) [Bastard]
B 1763 jun 09 HOUGH Jervis son -/Elisabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1763 jly 30 SWAN Catharine dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1764 mar 14 HOLEBROOKE Jabus son -/Isabel (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1764 mar 25 SWIFT Henrietta dau -/Cassiah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1764 apr 13 ROLLY John son -/Mary (Cromford) [Bastard]
B 1764 may 19 TAYLOR Matthew son -/Mary (Longwaybank) [Bastard]
C 1764 jun 15 SUMMERS Sophia dau -/Maria (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1764 jly 28 ABEL William son -/Elisabeth (Cromford) [Bastard]
B 1764 aug 26 BROUGH Samuel son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1764 sep 26 WILSON Isaac son -/Ann (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1765 mar 20 SMITH Lydia dau -/Mary (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
C 1765 apr 05 WRIGHT John son -/Ellin (Callow) [Bastard,J FLINT]
C 1765 apr 08 FOULK Elisabeth dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1765 may 03 HUGHES John son -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1765 jly 12 HOLT Sarah dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1765 sep 22 HOOD Sarah dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1766 may 02 WAGSTAFF Mary dau -/Hannah (Cromford) [Bastard]
B 1766 may 05 WALL Sarah dau -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1766 may 09 BRIDON Elisabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1766 may 21 ROLLY Roger son -/Mary (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1766 sep 17 DIXON William son -/Dorothy (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1766 sep 17 GODBEHERE Joseph son -/Mabel (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1766 sep 22 ELLIS John son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1766 dec 21 WILD Samuel son -/Elisabeth (Ideridghay) [Bastard]
C 1767 jan 21 FROST John son -/Sarah (Millersgreen) [Bastard]
C 1767 mar 04 SPENCER James son -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1767 mar 06 WILSON Anthony son -/Elisabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1767 apr 22 MASKREY Joseph son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1767 may 07 SWIFT Ruth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1767 jun 10 BROWN James son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1767 jun 20 WALL Hannah dau -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1767 sep 18 WALLBANK Samuel son -/Esther (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1767 sep 27 WETTON William son -/Mary (Millhouses) [Bastard]
B 1767 sep 30 KEELING Ruth dau -/Dorothy (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
B 1767 oct 03 KNIFTON Sarah dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1767 oct 07 BRIDON Elisabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1767 oct 14 HUGHES Ann dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1768 jan 05 HUGHES Ann dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1768 jan 22 HOUGHTON Martha dau -/Rebecca [Bastard,SIDDALL]
C 1768 mar 11 COOPER Isaac son -/Elisabeth (Millersgreen) [Bastard]
B 1768 jun 01 HOUGHTON Mary dau -/Elisabeth [Bastard]
B 1768 jun 02 WETTON William son -/Mary [Bastard]
C 1768 sep 14 ROWE Ann dau -/Lydia (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1768 dec 30 WALL Frances dau -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1769 jan 13 WESTON Esther dau -/Ruth (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1769 mar 01 TITTERTON John son -/Temperance (Callow) [Bastard]
C 1769 mar 29 WALKER William son -/Sarah (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
C 1769 apr 26 WESTON Mary dau -/Lydia (Cromford) [Bastard]
B 1769 may 02 WALKER William son -/Sarah (Ashlehay) [Bastard]
B 1769 jun 22 POTTER James son -/Elisabeth [Bastard]
B 1769 jly 04 WRIGHT John son -/Ellin (Callow) [Bastard]
C 1769 oct 29 BRIERLY John son -/Mary (Braefield) [Bastard]
C 1769 nov 02 BRIDDON William son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1769 nov 24 PEAT John son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard, John SHELDON]
B 1769 dec 04 BUNTING James son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1769 dec 10 BAMFORD Edward son -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1769 dec 25 JOHNSON Ann dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1770 may 13 BILLINGE John son -/Mary (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1770 jly 29 MARSTON William son -/Rebecca (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
B 1770 sep 30 TAYLOR John son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1770 oct 26 DERBYSHIRE James son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1770 nov 11 HIGIT Joshua son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1770 nov 30 FERN William son -/Mary (Ible) [Bastard]
C 1770 dec 28 SWAN Frances dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1770 dec 30 SWAN Frances dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1771 jan 02 BUXTON John son -/Mary (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1771 jan 02 GELL John son -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1771 feb 08 CLAY Elisabeth dau -/Thomazine (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1771 feb 08 TOMLINSON John son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1771 apr 14 TAYLOR Jane dau -/Martha (Longwaybank) [Bastard]
B 1771 apr 18 SPENCER Solomon son -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1771 apr 19 MILWARD Elisabeth dau -/Hannah [Bastard]
B 1771 may 08 NASH Elisabeth dau -/Cassandra (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1771 jly 17 SIMPSON William son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1771 aug 02 BUNTING Joseph son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1771 sep 21 GREENHOUGH Mary dau -/Sarah [Bastard]
B 1771 nov 17 GREATOREX John son -/Mary (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1772 jan 03 HOUGHTON Elisabeth dau -/Rebecca (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1772 feb 05 GELL Samuel son -/Elisabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1772 feb 09 HOUGHTON Elisabeth dau -/Rebecca (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1772 apr 24 FERN William son -/Mary (Caulow) [Bastard]
C 1772 apr 24 WRAGG Isaac son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1772 may 04 CLAY Elisabeth dau -/Thomazine [Bastard]
C 1772 sep 18 HOUGH Anthony son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1772 oct 08 ROPER John son -/Lydia (Braefield) [Bastard]
B 1772 dec 03 SIMPSON William son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1772 dec 12 HURST Robert son -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1773 jan 01 ROOSE James son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1773 feb 05 ALLSOP Hannah dau -/Mary (Ashlehay) [Bastard]
C 1773 apr 04 MART William son -/Mary (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1773 jun 04 BIARD Samuel son -/Ann (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
B 1773 jun 09 GELL Samuel son -/Elisabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1773 jun 23 HUGHES Anthony son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1773 jly 14 SPENCER James son -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1773 sep 01 SELLERS Elisabeth dau -/Lydia (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
C 1774 jan 19 FERN Sarah dau -/Mary (Ashlehay) [Bastard]
C 1774 mar 06 STORER William son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1774 apr 04 GREGORY Ellin dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1774 may 23 GREGORY Martha dau -/Milicent (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1774 may 23 ORRAGE Elisabeth dau -/Mary (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1774 may 27 WOODROUGH Mary dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1774 aug 14 KINDER James son -/Thomazine (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1774 aug 19 LONGDEN Ann dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1774 sep 14 TOMLINSON Joshua son -/Jane (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1774 oct 05 HALL Edmund son -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1774 oct 07 MILWARD Dorothy dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1775 jan 15 MILWARD Dorothy dau -/Hannah [Bastard]
C 1775 feb 24 SWIFT Martha dau -/Mary (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1775 may 14 SLATER Susannah dau -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1775 jun 12 HOUGH Arnold son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1775 jun 18 SPENCER John son -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1775 jun 18 WAGSTAFF John son -/Hannah (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1775 jun 23 TOMLINSON Rebecca dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1775 aug 18 COOPER Isaac son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1775 aug 27 SEEDS George son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1775 sep 09 BUNTING Joseph son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1775 sep 10 WETTON John son -/Mary (Millhouses) [Bastard]
B 1775 sep 11 ROOSE Sarah dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1775 sep 13 BAMFORD John son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1775 sep 13 BROOKES Ruth dau -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1775 sep 13 DIXON Dorothy dau -/Lydia (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1776 jan 21 WRAGG Isaac son -/Hannah (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1776 feb 05 POYZAR John son -/Mary (Ideridghay) [Bastard]
B 1776 sep 19 GREGORY Martha dau -/Millecent (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1776 oct 23 WRIGHT John son -/Lydia (Bolehill) [Bastard]
C 1777 jan 31 HOLEBROOKE John son -/Ellen (Ashlehay) [Bastard]
C 1777 mar 23 HIGTON Hannah dau -/Grace (Bolehill) [Bastard]
C 1777 apr 06 MELLER Martha dau -/Hannah (Alderwasley) [Bastard]
B 1777 aug 15 WOODHOUSE Sarah dau -/Elizabeth (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1777 sep 17 DOXEY Samuel son Susanna (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1777 oct 08 MOSS Margaret dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1777 oct 12 BEARDSLEY Mary dau -/Mary (Gorsibank) [Bastard]
C 1777 nov 02 TOMPSON Henry son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1777 nov 07 TOMPSON Henry son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1777 dec 07 SLATER Susanna dau -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1777 dec 25 ORRAGE Elizabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1778 jan 04 MART William son -/Mary (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1778 feb 15 SHELDON Hannah dau -/Mary (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1778 feb 18 WRIGHT John son -/Susannah (Callow) [Bastard]
C 1778 mar 01 WAGSTAFF Job son -/Jane (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1778 mar 27 ALSOP Sarah dau -/Elizabeth (Callow) [Bastard]
C 1778 mar 27 MILWARD Hugh son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard, HARDING]
C 1778 apr 03 LAND Robert son -/Susannah (Bolehill) [Bastard]
B 1778 may 13 GOODWIN Sarah dau -/Alice (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1778 aug 16 JONES Henry son -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1778 aug 25 HALL Edmund son -/Ann (Middleton) [Bastard]
C 1778 sep 06 WOODROUGH William son -/Ellen (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1778 sep 13 MOSS Joseph son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1778 sep 13 PEARSON Catharine dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1778 sep 13 SALT Sarah dau -/Martha (Gorseybank) [Bastard]
C 1778 dec 30 ALLENSON Thomas son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1779 jan 03 SHELDON Hannah dau -/Mary (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1779 jan 22 MILWARD Hugh son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1779 feb 03 PORTER Charles son -/Diana (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1779 mar 02 GIBSON Sarah dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1779 mar 23 ALSOP Thomas son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1779 apr 02 SALT Sarah dau -/Martha (Gorseybank) [Bastard]
C 1779 apr 04 RICHARDSON John son -/Elizabeth (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1779 apr 09 GREGORY William son -/Millicent (Cromford) [Bastard]
B 1779 may 04 SOWTER George son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
C 1779 may 26 - Elizabeth dau - (Callow) [Bastard]
C 1779 jun 11 WORSLOVE Mary dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1779 jly 15 WALL Edmund son -/Susanna (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1779 oct 05 LAUNT Robert son -/Susannah (Bolehill) [Bastard]
B 1780 jan 20 WRIGHT John son -/Lydia (Bolehill) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 jan 25 ROPER Ann dau -/Elizabeth (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 jan 30 ROOSE William son -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 feb 04 BROOKE Millicent dau -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 feb 27 HIGTON Ann dau -/Grace (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 feb 27 HOUGH Catharine dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 apr 29 WALKER Susannah dau -/Esther (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 may 07 WRAGG William son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 may 10 HOUGH Hannah dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 may 10 SOWTER Mary dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 may 12 WRIGHT George son -/Mary (Bolehill) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 jun 16 SWIFT Grace dau -/Mary (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 jun 29 BRIDDON James son -/Ruth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 jly 09 ROOSE William son -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 aug 14 HOUGH Catherine dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1780 sep 12 BRIERLEY John son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1780 sep 12 WORSLOVE Mary dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1780 oct 13 WETTON Sarah dau -/Mary (Millhouses) [Illegitimate]
C 1781 feb 04 JOWET William son -/Martha (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1781 mar 03 SAXON Sarah dau -/Ann (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1781 mar 25 ANDREW Mary dau -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1781 jly 22 GREATOREX John son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1781 jly 29 HOUGH Arnold son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1781 oct 04 TOMLINSON William son -/Mary (Gorseybank) [Illegitimate]
C 1781 oct 12 HAWLEY John son -/Phoebe (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1781 dec 16 WORSLEY Sarah dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1782 jan 01 BUXTON George son -/Ruth (Longwaybank) [Illegitimate]
B 1782 jan 12 ALSOP John son -/Mary (Ashlehay) [Illegitimate]
C 1782 feb 13 MOSS Alice dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegtimate]
C 1782 feb 24 BAINBRIGGE Hannah dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1782 mar 02 HURST James son -/Mabel (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1782 sep 01 PISER John son -/Amy (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1782 sep 15 CHEATHAM Elizabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1782 sep 29 HOLEBROOKE Charles son -/Mary (Longwaybank) [Illegitimate]
B 1782 oct 09 TOMLINSON Rebecca dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1782 oct 27 WOOLEY Francis son -/Margaret (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1783 jan 01 BRIDDON Mary dau -/Ruth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1783 feb 16 BUTLER Ann dau -/Susanna (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1783 mar 28 GREGORY Elizabeth F dau -/Milicent (Cromford) [Fox, illeg.]
C 1783 jun 08 TOMPSON Abraham son -/Susanna (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1783 jun 20 MOSS Mary dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1783 oct 10 BENNET Charlotte dau -/Mary (Brookwalls) [Illegitimate]
C 1783 oct 19 VINCENT Mary dau -/Dinah (Gorseybank) [Illeg, M.MASKERY]
C 1783 nov 09 SWIFT Anthony son -/Mary (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1783 dec 05 TIMPERLEY Betty dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1783 dec 28 SMITH Thomas son -/Latitia (Hopton) [Illegitimate]
C 1784 jan 04 BRIDDON Betty dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1784 jan 19 BUNTING Ann dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1784 apr 12 COCKER Martha dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1784 apr 18 MARSON Daniel son -/Rebecca (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
C 1784 apr 23 SEEDS Ann dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1784 apr 23 TOMLINSON Ann dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1784 jly 15 BROOKES Samuel son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Illegitimte]
C 1784 aug 15 BUXTON Ruth dau -/Lydia (Ible) [Illegitimate]
C 1784 aug 15 NALL Elizabeth dau -/Martha (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1784 oct 03 RICHARDS Ann dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1785 feb 13 MOSS Mary dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1785 apr 16 NEEDHAM George son -/Temperance (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1785 may 20 WORSLOVE John son -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1785 jun 23 LOWE William son -/Alice (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
B 1785 jly 20 SWIFT Anthony son -/Mary (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
B 1785 jly 28 NALL Elizabeth dau -/Martha (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1785 aug 09 CALTON Joseph son -/Mary (Gorseybank) [Illegitimate,about 50]
C 1785 aug 28 GREGORY Anthony son -/Avis (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
C 1785 sep 14 WIGLEY Elizabeth dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1785 sep 28 GREGORY William son -/Milicent (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
B 1785 nov 03 WIGLEY Elizabeth dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1786 feb 05 RIDGARD Ann dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1786 may 21 FOWLKE Sylva dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1786 jun 29 SWIFT Ann dau -/Mary (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1786 aug 18 DEBANK Thomas son -/Hannah (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
B 1787 jan 06 TOMPSON Abraham son -/Susanna (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 may 23 TOMLINSON Betty dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 jly 15 MARSON Daniel son -/Rebecca (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 aug 01 DOXEY George son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 sep 12 MASON Mary dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 sep 21 BUCKLEY John son -/Elizabeth (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 sep 21 ELSE Hannah dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 sep 21 MOLD John son -/Sarah (Ashlehay) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 nov 05 MILLINGTON Ann Holmes dau -/Ann (Ideridghay) [Illegitimate]
B 1787 nov 12 SEEDS James son -/Jane (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1787 dec 02 ROPER Grace dau -/Martha (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1787 dec 16 SPENCER George son -/Dorothy (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
C 1788 jun 13 ALSOP Elizabeth dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1788 jun 22 SPENCER Charlotte dau -/Betty (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1788 jly 27 CHEETHAM George son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1788 jly 30 MOSS Mary dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1788 dec 09 WHEATLEY Elizabeth dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1789 feb 06 WHEATLEY Ann dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
B 1789 may 08 WHEATLEY Ann dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1789 jly 11 WRAGG Elizabeth dau -/Mary (Millhouses) [Illegitimate]
B 1789 sep 23 DEBANK Thomas son -/Hannah (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1790 jan 17 MASON Sarah dau -/Mary (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1790 feb 28 WOOLASCROFT William son -/Mary (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
B 1790 mar 13 ELSE Hannah dau -/Ann (Wirksworth) [Bastard]
B 1790 aug 02 HIGTON Ann dau -/Grace (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
B 1791 mar 06 WEATHERILL Mary dau -/Ruth (Middleton) [Bastard]
B 1791 apr 28 HOLEBROOK Elizabeth dau -/Sarah (Ashlehay) [Illegitimate]
B 1791 aug 05 BACON William son -/Susanna (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1791 aug 15 BAKER Sarah dau -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illeg,sojourner]
C 1791 sep 16 MOSS Anthony son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1791 sep 16 MOSS Thomas son -/Elizabeth (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1791 sep 16 WRAGG Elizabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate]
C 1792 apr 08 ASHOVER Mary B dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Bullock, illeg.]
C 1793 jan 13 HEAPY Daniel son -/Betty (Alderwasley) [Illegitimate]
B 1793 mar 19 WOOLLEY Francis son -/Margaret (Middleton) [Illegitimate]
B 1796 dec 21 COX John son -/Elizabeth (Cromford) [Illegitimate]
C 1797 apr 05 SEEDS Samuel son -/Hannah (Gorseybank) [Illegitimate]
B 1797 sep 06 GAMBLE John son -/Hannah (Ideridghay) [Illegitimate]
B 1798 feb 18 EATON Joseph son -/Ann (Cromford) [Bastard]
C 1801 sep 27 CUSWORTH Hannah dau -/Sarah [Illeg.Cromford chapel]
C 1802 mar 09 TURNER Elizabeth dau -/Sarah [Twin,illeg.Cromford chapel]
C 1802 mar 09 TURNER Mary dau -/Sarah [Twin,illeg.Cromford chapel]
C 1805 may 12 COX Job son -/Elizabeth [Illeg.Cromford chapel]
C 1808 jly 17 FARNSWORTH Mary dau -/Ann (Ible) [Illegitimate]
C 1812 feb 02 HUDSON William W son Joseph/Grace (Wirksworth) [Illegitimate, Washington.~A soldier]
C 1817 sep 14 BROOKFIELD Joseph son -/Ann (Wirksworth) [,Widow, Illegitimate]
B 1821 oct 03 SEEDS Hannah dau/Sarah (Wirksworth) [,5months-illegitimate]
C 1828 may 25 BARKER Mary dau -/Elizabeth (Matlock) [,Illegitimate]
C 1829 dec 25 SMITH John son -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [Spinster, Illegitimate]
C 1830 jan 10 WHITE Isaiah son -/Mary (Wirksworth) [,Illegitimate]
C 1830 jan 13 HEWITT George son -/Susannah (Wirksworth) [Spinster, illegitimate]
C 1830 mar 06 BRAMWALL Alfred son -/Maria (Stockport) [,Illegitimate]
C 1830 apr 28 MASKREY James son -/Dorothy (Gorseybank) [,Illegitimate]
C 1830 sep 21 BYARD Anthony son -/Lydia (Ashlehay) [Spinster, Illeg.(see note)]
C 1831 apr 24 WRAGG Amy dau -/Sarah (Wirksworth) [,Illegitimate]
C 1831 nov 13 STEEPLES Elizabeth dau -/Hannah (Wirksworth) [,Illegitimate]
C 1831 nov 27 COCKAIN Elizabeth dau -/Mary (Wirksworth) [,Illegitimate]
----------------------------End of File-----------------------------
Compiled by John Palmer, Dorset UK.(e-mail: palmer.john@lds.co.uk)