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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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About the Author's LIBRARY

Here's what I've got in my Library pertaining to Wirksworth Parish and the copying of the Parish records to computer and website.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2002, . All Rights Reserved.

  1. Microfilm of the Wirksworth Parish Registers.
    • Baptisms 1608-1909
    • Marriages 1608-1907
    • Burials 1608-1919
    (This is the primary source for my Wirksworth database. Turned into fiche format for convenience. Dates more recent than 1899 are NOT on database, so LOOK-UPS must be done manually, a very tiring business. However, marriage details and witnesses can be checked out, together with possible copying errors)

  2. Bishop's Transcripts from Wirksworth Parish Registers 1662-1701
    (These photocopies were specially produced for me from the original BT Rolls by Lichfield Joint Record Office in 1994. They are used as a secondary source of data covering gaps in the primary PR source)

  3. Microfilm of 1841 Census for Wirksworth Area
    • HO 107/182 Alderwasley, Ashleyhay, Biggin, Ideridghay
    • HO 107/197 Bonsal, Brassington, Carsington, Griffe Grange
    • HO 107/198 Kirk Ireton, Ireton Wood, Matlock, Wirksworth, Callow, Cromford, Hopton, Ible, Middleton
    (This is the primary source for my 1841 Census database. Turned into fiche format for convenience).

  4. Microfilm of 1851 Census for Wirksworth Area
    • HO 107/2145 Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Ideridghay, Ireton Wood, Shottle, Wirksworth
    • HO 107/2146 Biggin, Bonsall, Brassington, Callow, Carsington, Griffe Grange, Hopton, Hulland Ward, Ible, Kirk Ireton, Middleton
    • HO 107/2150 Cromford, Ironbrook, Matlock, Tansley
    (This is the primary source for my 1851 Census database. Turned into fiche format for convenience).

  5. Microfilm of 1861 Census for Wirksworth Area
    • RG 9/2517 Wirksworth, Middleton
    • RG 9/2518 Wirksworth, Middleton, Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Ideridghay, Shottle, Ireton Wood
    • RG 9/2519 Hulland Ward and Intakes, Biggin, Middleton
    • RG 9/2524 Brassington, Carsington, Kirk ireton, Callow, Hopton, Griffe Grange, Ible, Middleton, Bonsall
    • RG 9/2542 Matlock, Cromford, Ironbrook, Middleton
    (This is the primary source for my 1861 Census database. Turned into fiche format for convenience).

  6. Microfilm of 1871 Census for Wirksworth Area
    • RG 10/3594 Wirksworth
    • RG 10/3595 Alderwasley, Ashlehay, Idridgehay, Ireton Wood, Shottle
    • RG 10/3596 Biggin, Hulland Ward
    • RG 10/3602 Bonsall, Brassington, Carsington
    • RG 10/3603 Callow, Ible, Hopton, Kirk Ireton, Middleton
    • RG 10/3630 Matlock
    • RG 10/3631 Cromford, Ironbrook, Matlock, Tansley
    (This is the primary source for my 1871 Census database. Turned into fiche format for convenience).

  7. Microfilm of 1881 Census for Wirksworth Area
    • RG 11/3419 Wirksworth
    • RG 11/3420 Wirksworth,Alderwasley,Ashlehay,Idridghay,Ireton Wood,Shottle
    • RG 11/3421 Biggin,Hulland Ward,H W Intakes
    • RG 11/3426 Brassington,Bonsall,Carsington,Callow,Hopton,Ible,Kirk Ireton,Middleton
    • RG 11/3450 Matlock,Matlock Bath
    • RG 11/3451 Matlock,Matlock Bath,Tansley,Cromford,Ivonbrook Grange
    (This is the primary source for my 1881 Census database. Turned into fiche format for convenience).

  8. Microfilm of 1891 Census for Wirksworth Area
    • RG 12/2750 Wirksworth,Godfreyhole,Gorseybank,Millers Green,Bolehill, Alderwasley,Ashlehay,Idridghay,Ireton Wood,Shottle
    • RG 12/2751 Biggin,Hulland Ward,H W Intakes,
    • RG 12/2756 Brassington,Bonsall,Carsington,Callow,Hopton,Ible, Kirk Ireton,Middleton
    • RG 12/2775 Matlock,Matlock Bath
    • RG 12/2776 Matlock,Matlock Bank,Starkholmes,Tansley,Cromford,Ivonbrook Grange
    (This is the primary source for my 1891 Census database. Turned into fiche format for convenience).

  9. CDs of "1881 British Census and National Index"
    (A set of 25 CDs produced by the Mormons. Of great use but containing many errors produced by foreign transcribers without local knowledge)

  10. Microfilm of "Pedigrees in/about Wirksworth"
    A book handwritten by T.N.Ince 1824-1860.
    (Containing 484 pages and around 1,000 pedigrees with masses of intriguing detail. This is the primary source for my INCE database)

  11. Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps 1.25 inches to 1 mile.
    • #110 Sheffield & Huddersfield area.
    • #119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale area.
    • #120 Mansfield, Worksop & surrounding area.
    • #128 Derby & Burton upon Trent area.
    • #129 Nottingham & Loughborough area.
    (These maps together cover practically the whole of Derbyshire)

  12. The Place-Names of Derbyshire by K.Cameron
    (3 volumes hardback, the Bible for the history and derivation of placenames)

  13. Street Atlas of Derbyshire by Ordnance Survey
    ISBN 0-540-07531-0 Hardback.
    (Scale of 3.5" to 1 mile)

  14. M.I.s produced by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group:
    • A recording of the gravestones which remain accessible at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Wirksworth, Derbyshire 1993
    • A Transcript of the memorial inscriptions of Wirksworth Cemetery, Derbyshire
    (These are the principal sources of the MIs which appear in this Web-site)

  15. Commercial CDs relating to Derbyshire
    • Return of Owners of Land 1873
    • Phillimore's Parish Registers - Derbyshire - Marriages (1500s - 1837) Vols 1-15 (5 CDs)
    • Pigot's Directory, Derbyshire 1831
    • Pigot's Directory, Derbyshire 1835
    • Kelley's Directory, Derbyshire 1881
    • White's Directory, Sheffield & District 1852
    • The Peak District of Derbyshire, 1913
    • Extracts from The Pipe Rolls, Nottingham and Derby
    (Special permission must be obtained before these records can be transferred diectly to website. Transcription is permitted but requires two laptops side-by-side).

  16. The Population History of England 1541-1871 by Wrigley & Schofield.
    (Paperback 779 pages. The Bible for the study of Population, Economy and Society in past time. An erudite and complex study of 404 Anglican parish registers)

  17. Derbyshire Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1393-1574
    by David Edwards, ISBN 0-946324-22-0
    (Hardback 272 pages. Contains 230 Wills connected with Derbyshire. For 119 Wills, where the Testator lived in the County, full Transcriptions are given. Mostly nobility, gentry, wealthy merchants and traders. An invaluable source for genealogy and local history.)

  18. Ecclesiastical Parishes c.1800 by Derbyshire Record Office
    (An A3 sheet, but really useful showing all 198 parishes in Derbyshire.)

  19. Parish Register List by Derbyshire Record Office
    (Softback 95 pages A4. Gives all Debyshire Parishes, name of churches, dates of registers and microfilm held by DRO, movements and dates of townships comprising the Parish. Essential reading.)

  20. Examples of Handwriting 1550-1650 by W.S.B.Buck.
    (Booklet with hundreds of examples of handwriting encountered in Parish Registers)

  21. Guide to Churchwardens' Accounts by Mike Brown.Dartmoor Press
    (64 page Booklet, full of info)

  22. Derby and District Telephone Directory

  23. Our Village by Alison Uttley.
    (A booklet about Cromford)

  24. The Cromford Guide by Freda Bayles and Janet Ede.
    (A booklet)

  25. St.Mary the Virgin, Wirksworth by M.R.Handley.
    (A booklet about the History of Wirksworth's Parish Church)

  26. Memories of Middleton by Edith Taylor.
    (A booklet about Middleton-by-Wirksworth. Edith has lived in the same house for over 80 years)

  27. A Way of Life by Hubert Doxey.
    (A booklet about the local quarry and the unique High Peak Railway, where Hubert worked. He was born in Middleton in 1923 and became a Town and District Councillor and J.P.)

  28. Short Circular Walks around Wirksworth by John Merrill.
    (A booklet)

  29. The Liberties and Customes of the Lead-Mines within the Wapentake of Wirksworth by Edward Manlove.
    (A booklet reprint, first printed 1653! The Laws of Lead mining fascinatingly set out in verse, so that illiterate miners could commit them to memory)

  30. Bonsall:A portrait of the Village and its Church by Rev. Mike Smith
    (A booklet)

  31. Wirksworth Town Trail by Michael Handley.
    (A pamphlet describing historic buildings in Wirksworth town)

  32. Middleton Top Engine by Derbyshire Archeological Society

  33. Good Luck Mine, Via Gellia, Middleton-by-Wirksworth.

  34. A Latin Glossary by Janet Morris.

  35. Simple Latin by Eve McLaughlin.

  36. Cromford Mill by Arkwright Society.
    (Booklet about Sir Richard Arkwright's famous Cotton Mill, built 1771, which began the Industrial Revolution)

  37. Pigot's Directory, 1821-1822.

  38. Brewer's Directory, 1823-1824.

  39. Glover's Directory, 1827-1829.

  40. Pigot's Directory, 1835.

  41. British Isles Genealogical Register 1997 - Derbyshire Section - Surnames Index and Address List.
    (Microfiche. A list of surnames that other people are researching in Derbyshire, and the researcher's postal address. My entry is in here under DOXEY).

  42. The Free and Voluntary Present 1661 Derbyshire by David Clay and DFHS.
    (An excellent booklet listing names of donors of cash to Charles II. This is the source of data for one of the sections in this Website)

  43. The Protestation Returns 1641-1642.by J.Gibson and A Dell, DFHS.
    ISBN 1-86006-006-4.
    (84 page Booklet)

  44. Poll Books 1692-1872, A Directory. by J Gibson and C Rogers.
    FFHS. ISBN 1-872094-85-6
    (56 page Booklet)

  45. The Derbyshire Papist Returns of 1705-1706 by R Clark.
    Derbyshire Record Society. ISBN 0-946324-02-6. (52 page Booklet)

  46. Records of the Militia from 1757. by G Thomas. PRO.

  47. The Hearth Tax and other later Stuart Tax Lists and the Association Oath Rolls
    by J.Gibson. FFHS. ISBN 1-86006-018-8.
    (80 page Booklet)

  48. Around Wirksworth.
    by Denis Eardley. Tempus Publishing. ISBN 0-7524-1192-6
    (An excellent 128 page booklet of old photographs)

  49. Discover Derbyshire - Wirksworth and surrounding area.
    by Denis Eardley. Solar press. ISBN 0-9535752-0-9
    (60 glossy pages, full of details about the town today, an excellent introduction)

  50. Lead Miner's Heyday - the great days of mining in Wirksworth and the Low Peak of Derbyshire.
    by Ron Slack. Mastaprint Plus Ltd. ISBN 0-9509746-4-1. A5 size.
    (90 glossy pages, 15 photos, good index, maps, tables. Full of info about the history and method of mining, a fine book)

  51. Man at War - John Gell in his troubled time
    by Ron Slack. Mastaprint Limited, Nottingham 1997. ISBN 0-9509746-3-3. A5 size.
    (196 pages, 6 diagrams, index, bibliography and references, a very detailed account of the life of Sir John Gell of Hopton Hall 1593-1671)

  52. Brassington Forebears 1700-1900
    by Ron Slack, 1984. ISBN 0-9509746-0-9. A5 size.
    (117 pages, over 30 illustrations, pedigrees, much detail and village history)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.