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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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EXAMPLES of entries from Wirksworth Parish Registers

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.

Here's a quick description of what the earliest Wirksworth Register (1608-1662) looks like. Its kept in the Derbyshire Record Office at Matlock.
            The Register is 6 1/2" wide and 15" tall and 3" thick.
            The cover is made of Leather
            On the spine in large letters is written BMD 1608-1662
            There are about 100 pages made of parchment
            The condition of the binding is very poor
            Each page contains up to 50 records on each side
            The Register contains about 10,000 records.
            Baptisms start at the front, about 4,500 total
            Burials start at the back, about 4,500 total
            Marriages start in the middle, about 900 total
            Each entry is written in black ink with a quill pen.
            Usually one entry covers one line about 6" long.
            Legibility varies from good to completely faded.
            Pages are marred by ink blots and skin imperfections.
            Writing style is mainly "Secretary Hand", in use 1500-1700            
            The Register smells "old".
Here are three examples that I've typed directly from the Register pages, to show the kind of wording to be found. The first shows Marriages from 1619, second Baptisms from 1676 and lastly Burials from 1708. A lot of Latin is used, but it is pretty easy stuff mainly. Firstnames are often Latinized, but Surnames and placenames never, fortunately. If you can't guess, here's what the Latin means:
 "et" = and, "nupt" = were married, "filia" = daughter, "filius" = son,
 "de" = from, "spurius" = illegitimate son, "ibidem" = from the same place,
 "mense" = month

     Thomas Buxston et Elizabeth Mort nupt     6 of Aprill
     John Toplas et Siselye Cloones nupti     11 of Aprill
     Edward Cowper et Marye Bonsall nupti     27 of Aprill
     Thomas Godbeare et Susana Alsop nupt     27 of Aprill
     Thomas Aspinall et Cathearne Cadman nupt 28 of Aprill
     Richard Beghton et Ann Smyth nupt         1 of Maye
     Henrye Hall et Ann Walker nupt            4 of Maye
     Thomas Hall et Ann Gee    nupt         maie 11th 1619


                         Mense February 1676

     Dorathea filia Roberti Pearson de Wirkesworth                      2
     Solomon fils Guilielmi Wright de Cromford                          7
     Thomas fils Adami Holehouse de Midleton                            9
     Richardus spurius Richardi Steer et Doratheae Wall de Wirkesworth 11
     Thomas fils Gulielmi Greatorix ibm                                14
     Alicia filia Nicolae Birds de Ideridgehay                         14
     Hellena filia Gulielmi Marson de Alderwasley                      14
     Thomas fils Thomaae Momford de Wirkesworth                        21
     Samuel fils Gulielmi Fletcher ibm                                 21
     Johannes fils Johannes Potter de Alderwasley                      23
     Georgius fils Georgij Buxton de Wirkesworth                       28
     Josephus fils Johannis Keeling de Cromford                        28

                         Mense Maij Burials 1708

     Eliz. Tabbrow de Wirksworth                     2
     Robertus spurius Sarah Vallance de Wirksworth   2
     Hannah filia Samuelis Fletcher de Wirksworth    9
     Willielms Huldy ibid                           12
     Arthurus Bradshaw ibid                         13
     Ricards Wood ibid                              15
     Rebecca filia Johan Higton de Cromford         16
     Maria filia Sarae Vallence de Wirksworth       19
     Edwardus fils Willielmi Ogden de Middleton     19
     Maria Hardcastle de Wirksworth                 25

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.